Friday, April 2, 2010

"Over the top " Award

I received this award from two cool bloggers and great poets :               shakira and      Maharishi

I'd like to thank them warmly ; I'm proud of their friendship. Click on  the names to visit two outstanding blogs.

Rules to Accept “Over The Top!” Award:
1. Answer the survey below in one word.
2. Pass this along to six of your favourite bloggers.
3. Alert them that you have given them this award.
4. Have fun!

1) Where is your cell phone? – sharp
2) Your Hair? –chestnut
3) Your Mother? – sweet
4) Your Father?  helpful
5) Favorite Food? – fish
6) Your dream last night? –nothing
7) Your favorite drink? – water
8) Your dream / goal? – success
9) What room are you in? – living room
10) Your Hobby? – writing
11) Your Fears? –diseases
12) Where do you want be in 6 years?- here :P
13) Where were you last night? Home
14) Something that you aren’t? – patient
15) Muffins? – apple pie
16) Wish List item? – long
17) Where did you grow up? – Casablanca
18) Last thing you did? – breakfast
19) What are you wearing? – pyjama
20) Your TV? – Swtiched Off!
21) Yours Pets? – birdy
22) Friends? – few
23) Your Life? – My family
24) Your Mood? – good
25) Missing Someone? – My grandma
26) Vehicle? car
27) Something you’re not wearing? – tie
28) Your favorite store? – advertising?
29) Your favorite color? – Blue
30) When was the last time you laughed? –yesterday
31) Last time you cried? – last week
32) Your best friend? – My wife
33) One place that i go to over and over? – cafe'
34) One person who emails you regularly? a colleague
35) Favorite place to eat? – home

I'll pass  over  this ”Over The Top” award to :








shakira said...

Great answers. Do not worry too much about going to my blog at blogspot.
I have another at wordpress.. which I try to update.
I appreciate the effort you made for telling me. Very thoughtful of you.
Glad to hear that we do share the taste for similar music.

suzicate said...

Thank you so much I;ll get to doing this over the weekend. Pleasant day to day and happy weekend.

trisha said...

Dear ww,
A man who has his best friend as his wife should thank God every day and keep it that way. Thanks a lot for this awesome prize, our favourite drink and colour match :) :)
with lots of affection,

OVER THE TOP AWARD. « Lordemmanuel's Blog said...

[...] award was prepared by Shakira and Maharishi and given to me by Wordwand. You can visit his Blog [] He is a lovely writer and friend. I will love to thank Wordwand for this award and will share it [...]

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Thanks Wordwand...I really appreciate. You've done noble.

slpmartin said...

Congratulations on your award...make it a great day...Cheers!

suzicate said...

Award for you at my place.

trisha said...

Dear friend,

Your inspiration and presence means a lot to me. I have finally placed my awards in my blog in a systematic way. Now is the time for sharing them with all of you. The list is very long. Go easy. Have fun.



With lots of affection and warmest wishes,

Alina said...

Congratulations for the new award!! ;)

pttyann said...

Hello Rahim I do appreciate the Over the Top Award!! Truly I do but to except it is a little more work than I can handle at this time,please understand,my body is still totally tired."Happy Saturday" and "Happy Easter Rahim"!!!
Love you :D

Doraz said...

I like this one...CONGRATS to you and all! Happy weekend!

nanno1982 said...

I was coming to give you one.. You already had it? Oh my :)
Anyway I have an Over The Top award for you :)

trisha said...

dear friend,
i have posted a comment in your blog last night with a truckload of award urls, i think it has gone to your spam list, will you please check and let me know if you received it?
with warmest affections,

fiveloaf said...

sorry wordwand but i am passing the same to you- compliments from trisha haha!

Phalgunn Maharishi said...

Hey... I've got 2 awards for you waiting at my blog... check out the below link... :)


ishabelle said...

i'll be sure to post this award in my blog tonight... :) thanks, wordwand... *wink*

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