Monday, April 12, 2010

The Celebrate Poet Of March Award

Last week ,  jingle launched an interesting event: The Celebrate Poet Of March Award. This award was  designed by jingle and offered to 15 poets among or


#1: Anyone who have a minimum three or more poems published on their blogs in March can be nominated.

#2: Anyone who read poetry or write poetry can participate in the nomination.

#3: Each blogger can ONLY nominate 1-15 poets with links included…

#4: The Deadline for the nomination is Sunday, April 11, 2010.

#5: Winners are 15 Poets who have won the most number of honorable mentions under this post.

#6: All nomination process and comments are open to the public. You can count the votes you have by reading the comments in this post and know your position.

#7: This is going to be a great honor if you win, because winners are voted by the public! Have FUN!

#8: The Award will be announced in Jingle’s Blog on Monday, April 12, 2010.

for more information --in case you want to take part in  the April event-  visit   jingle's blog

jingle has just  announced the results, and I was really surprised and pleased to find out that  9 great poets appreciate my poems and  voted for me . I thank them  and I wish them good luck and success.So, I received this  beautiful award  which   jingle designed  for this special event

jingle has  also given all those who took part in this event a lovely bunch of flowers

jingle has been doing an outstanding job  to bring bloggers together in a single community united by the love of poetry .

thanks  jingle , we love you .


Ji said...

how cool!
you are 100% perfect poet,
excellent award acceptance!

Ji said...

I value your timeless passion and endless love for this community,
you are well deserved!
Be proud of yourself,

william said...


brian said...

congrats on your well deserved awards....

pttyann said...

"Congratulations" Rahim I'm so happy for you and all of the winners,which we were all winners! Jingle is so sweet she didn't leave anyone out,I love the presentation Rahim,you did a wonderful job.I'm thinking of some way to honor Jingle also.
:D :D I'm up late and I hope this is a wonderful day for ya!!!! :D

trisha said...

Dear friend,
to you and everyone else. This was a fabulous thing done by Jingle.
with lots of affection,

quirky-quirks said...

Love the pictures!

william said...


Chris said...

Congratulations! It is an award well-earned and well-deserved.
You have brought some truly fine works to the blog world!

Jaymie said...

Wonderful! An opportunity to celebrate you and your work...congratulations!

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