Sunday, April 11, 2010

Follow Jingle To Make Your Blog Twinkle

Jingle bestowed on me two  lovely awards  after I posted a comment on her blog, she is so generous and such a hardworking lady.I admire her  for her  sacrifice and commitment to our community.I' d like to thank her and to wish her good luck and success.

Visit her blog and enjoy her sense of innovation and creativity :        

now take a look at the two   wonderful awards

Your Blog Is Grand Award from Jingle



Jingle said...

thank you for taking them,
you cool friend,
Happy Sunday!
Best Wishes!

shakira said...

CONGRATULATIONS and so pretty!

dustus said...

Excellent. Congrats, friend!

anthonynorth said...

Congrats for the awards.

Trisha said...

she is simply awesome. when i think about her energy and expertise i feel like saluting her.

congratulation for the awards- they were made specially for you.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Thank You Wordwand......I am late in claiming my awards. I have been really busy with my reports and projects....the submission days are really close....I really hope to get them done with so i could have enough to blog and visit blog buddies as I would want.

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